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The Power of Love - how to connect, draw courage and be insubordinate to injustice

South African Women’s Day marks the anniversary of when 20,000 women marched against the apartheid government’s passbook laws, on 9 August 1956. In the lead-up to Women's Day 2022, I chatted with Greenpeace Storytelling Advisor, Yewande Omotos, where she interviewed me about love, courage, system change and storytelling among other things. You can read the conversation here.

During the interview with fellow author and Greenpeace Storytelling Advisor Yewande Omotoso © Yewande Omotoso
The process of writing my story was a deep internal journey, as well as a journey through words to share the reality that... we are not neatly fragmented. Power Systems work to fragment us. They fragment us as individual beings. And they set up these hierarchies – the hierarchy of the body, mind, heart, spirit; hierarchies of race, colour, and gender, and they set up these divisions within and between us.
And I suppose one of the most powerful things is reclaiming that connection.
Because when we reclaim that connection, we begin to link that to the questions that help us unpack power.

You can read the full conversation via Greenpeace here.

"There’s a whole wealth that exists amongst our ancestors which is out of the dominant story, invisible, not valued."
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